Angry Grandpa Net worth in 2022, Income, Earnings, Bio, Career 

Angry Grandpa Net worth
Angry Grandpa is a highly famous YouTuber. He is also popular on Vine. He is famous for his angry reactions to pranks his son on YouTube. His net worth is $ 2 million. He has a huge fan following.

Net Worth of Angry Grandpa 

The net worth of Angry Grandpa is approximately $ 2 million. The source of his income is his YouTube channel where he posts fun full content to entertain people. He has about 700,000 views per day. It is estimated that monthly, Angry Grandpa earns $ 50 thousand.

Early Life and Education of Angry Grandpa  

Angry Grandpa is a very famous YouTuber. His original name is Charles Marvin Green Jr. He was born on October 16, 1950. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. His father’s name was Dorothy Mayer. His mother’s name was Charles Marvin Green Sr. He spent his childhood in Charleston. He has done his early education at the local school near his residency. The information about his higher education is still unknown. He has done some jobs to meet the need of his life. He has a small business. He also worked part-time as a firefighter in the fire department of Charleston. Before his fame and insufficient job, he used to call himself an “800-pound alcoholic and a distant father.” After being hit on YouTube, his life changed. He posted his first-ever video in 2010. This video was much appreciated by people. He found his way to success through this. Entertainment of people becomes his hobby and from the hobby, it becomes his job. He was earning a handsome amount on YouTube. His videos consist of random activities in which his family and friends are mostly involved. He used to say “Grandpa’s Army” to his fans. He also says that the children who used to watch him are youngins. He Was also active on Twitter. He has many problems at a time. He was suffering from pneumonia, skin cancer, and kidney stones. In July 2017, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis that could not heal and caused his death. He died in South Carolina USA on the 10th of December 2017.

Original nameCharles Marvin Green Jr.
Date of birthOctober, 16 1950.
Place of birthCharleston, South Carolina, USA.
Age67 years.
Date of death10th December 2017.
Zodiac signScorpio.

Career and Profession of Angry Grandpa 

Angry Grandpa is a YouTuber by profession. He started this profession back in 2007 and created his official page by the name “ The Angry Grandpa Show “ where he posts his videos. He has won the heart of people. His every video gained maximum views just in hours after posting it. He entertained his audience with vlogs, challenges, and prank videos. His videos are enjoyed due to his extraordinary humor. His accumulative views up till now are more than then1,248,001,839. 

He earned his name among the top pranksters in a very short time through his videos. He has been endured by different companies. He also makes collaborations with the brands. From 2007 to 2017 he has been very active on YouTube. He used to capture birthday party videos, videos of his pet, and stuff like that. There were two channels of Angry Grandpa. The second one was Grandpa’s corner, he mostly posts his vlogs. While all the pranks were on his first channel.

Family life of Angry Grandpa 

 Angry Grandpa is not married yet But according to his social media, he is in a relationship with Gee Haines. Gee Haines is also a social media personality. She is a well-known gamer and YouTuber. They are seen together on social media pictures more often.

The social life of Angry Grandpa 

Angry Grandpa being a multitalented personality is well-active on social media. He has an Instagram account @Angry Grandpa. On his YouTube channel Angry Grandpa, he has 656 videos. There are more than 140.26 views on his videos on daily basis.

Facts and Body Measurements 

Angry Grandpa is a well-known and multi-talented person with good humor. His height is 5 feet 6 inches. He weighs 64 kg. He has a very distinguishing hair color which is white. He possessed dark brown eyes. He has a zodiac sign of Scorpio. He is 67 years old. His golden number is 5.

AccountNo. of followers
Instagram102 K followers.
Facebook1.2 million followers
Twitter262 K followers.
YouTube4.72 million subscribers

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