Daym Drops Net worth in 2022, Income, Earnings, Bio, Career

Days Drops Net worth

Daym Drops is a famous food critic YouTuber. Other than this, he is famous as a rapper and Television Host. His main focus is on food review. The name also knows him as Daym Drops. His net worth is 1 million dollars. 

Net Worth of Daym Drops  

The net worth of Daym Drops is approximately 1 million dollars. The source of his income is his YouTube channel, where he entertains people by reviewing food. He considers health and hygiene the main priority. He has about 52.39 thousand views per day on the videos he posts. It is estimated that Yearly, Daym Drops earn $ 1.75 million.

Early Life and Education of Daym Drops   

Daym Drops is an American nationality holder. He was born on September 24, 1977. He was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His original name is Scott Patterson. He is also known as Daymon Scot Patterson. He used social media in a unique style for his interest.

Career and Profession of Daym Drops  

Daym Drops is a food hypercritic on YouTube. Before starting his YouTube career, he was a manager in a Walmart retail store. For some time, he also worked at CarMax. Then his interest forced him to make a YouTube channel on May 21, 2010. He usually visits restaurants all across the United States of America. And give the reviews of food. Firstly he started reviewing food of his interest, mainly fast food. But later on, he thought about it, and on his mother’s insistence, he started reviewing healthy food. One of his videos, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, got 10.6 million views. He got an award in 2014 for his YouTube content. Some of his favorite and top hit videos include:

  • Five Guys burgers and fries
  • Fat burger XXXL five guy burger killer
  • Luther Lasagna
  • Epic Meal Time
  • Late night with Jimmy Fallon

He hosted a show called Best Daym Takeout in 2022. It was by a travel channel.

He was a TV actor too. He is well-known for his role in

  • Fan enough, released in 2013
  • Pizza A love story that was released in 2019
  • Fresh, Fried, and Crispy will be released in 2021.

Fresh, Fried, and Crispy is a Netflix program hosted by Daym Drops. It got debuted on June 9, 2021.

Family life of Daym Drops  

 Daym Drops is married to Ramyr Gonzales. They were married in 2012. They have very good chemistry. Days Drops have two children, both our daughters—one from his first marriage and one daughter with Ramyr Gonzales. 

The social life of Daym Drops  

Days Drops being a multitalented personality, is well-active on social media. He has an Instagram account @officialdaymdrops with 17.1 K posts. 

On his YouTube channel, Daym Drops, he has 1.9 K videos. There are more than 52.39 views on his videos daily.

Facts and Body Measurements 

Daym Drops is a well-known and multitalented person interested in food reviewing. His height is 6 feet 5 inches. He has a muscular body. He has a zodiac sign of Libra. He is 44 years old. 

AccountNo. of followers
Instagram103 K
Facebook591 K
Twitter46.2 K
YouTube1.65 million subscribers

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