James Blake Net Worth in 2022, How Rich the Musician is

James Blake Net Worth
James Blake is a very famous musician, singer, record producer, and songwriter. He had the nationality of America. He has a net worth of $ 300 thousand. He is well-known, talented, and a very successful singer. He is a baritone.

Net Worth of James Blake

The net worth of James Blake is approximately $ 300 thousand. The source of his income is his singing and song production.

Early Life and Education of James Blake

James Blake is born in Enfield, London, United States. He is born on September 9, 1988. His original name is James Bakes Lither land. His nickname is James. He is also known as Harmonimix sometimes. His father’s name is James Litherland. His father is a very well-known and popular singer. His mother’s name is Helen Lather land. He lives in Los Angeles, California, United States now. He got his early education from Grande Park Primary School in Winchmore Hills. Then he shifted to the Latymer School, Edmonton. After this, he got admission to the Goldsmith University of London. He got a degree in music from there. He has interest in music since his childhood. He used to play music with his father. His father was his biggest support. He also plays it with his friends. In school, he hosted a musical night titled “ Bass Society “ along with his friends. On that musical night, many popular artists were featured. They include Distance, Skream, and Benga. He used to sing. It was all his interests that made him in the limelight of musical entertainment in his hometown. He gained a lot of popularity just like his father.

Original nameJames Bakes Lither land.
Date of birthSeptember 9, 1988.
Place of birthEnfield, London, United States.
Net worth$ 300 thousand USD
Age34 years.
Zodiac signLibra.
ProfessionSinger and songwriter

Career and The profession of James Blake    

James Blake was interested in acting since his childhood. He used to sing songs in his room
till his teenage. He was twenty years old when he gets that music is not only
his interest but his passion. He debuted and recorded a song by the name Air
and Lack Thereof. It was his first song officially. The response of the public was
good at it. But due to a lot of competition, he has to do hard work to prove
his name. Hemlock was the record label for his debut. When it was released, it
was a top hit and become very popular on the radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson. Due to
this fame, he was asked for international shows. Simultaneously he was working
at Goldsmith, he was awarded the highest marks there too for submitting a high-quality “Klavierwerke”. He was a runner-up behind Jessie J and BRIT

His most important achievements include:

  • The vaccines
  • CMYK
  • Limit to your Love
  • I only know
  • The Wilhelm Screams
  • Fall creaks boys choir
  • Redemption
  • Black Panther
  • Bloody Water

Family life of James Blake    

According to past life of James Blake, he has been involved in two relationships. He has a very charming personality. There was an American Musician named Theresa Waman, with whom James was in a relationship. But unfortunately, their understanding was not developed to
live together. So they announced separation. The second time in 2015 he got involved in a relationship with Jameela Jamil. They both have good chemistry together.

Social life of James Blake    

James Blake is active on Facebook. He has a huge fan following there.

Facts and Body Measurements

James Blake is a well-known and talented person. His height is 196 centimeters. He weighs 92 kg. He has a zodiac sign of Libra. He is 35 years old. He has a fair complexion. His eyes are blue. He has dark brown hair. He has an urban hairstyle and also has a beard.

AccountNo. of followers
Instagram563 K followers
FacebookNot found.
Twitter2.2 M followers
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