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NameKat Timpf
Age35 years
Date of BirthOctober 29, 1988
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan
Country United States
Father’s NameDaniel Timpf
Mother’s NameAnne Marie Timpf
Height1.6 m
Skin Colorwhite
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown Eyes
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameCameron Friscia
ReligionRoman Catholic
Net Worth$7 Million

Who is Kat Timpf?

Katherine Clare Timpf, widely recognized as Kat Timpf, is a notable American television personality, reporter, and comedian. Known for her sharp wit, engaging commentary, and distinctive sense of humour, Kat has carved out a prominent niche in the media industry. She is a regular figure on the Fox News Channel, especially known for appearing on the late-night “Gutfeld!” Kat also hosts her podcast, “The Kat Timpf Show,” where she delves into various topics with humour and insight. Her unique blend of comedy and political and social commentary has garnered her a dedicated following and significant influence in American media.

Kat Timpf’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Kat Timpf’s net worth is approximately $7 Million. This impressive figure is a testament to her successful and multifaceted career in media and entertainment. Kat’s wealth comes from several income streams, including television appearances, podcasting, writing, and live performances. Her financial success reflects her hard work, talent, and ability to engage and entertain diverse audiences.

How Kat Timpf Makes Money?

Kat Timpf’s income is derived from various sources, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Television Appearances

Kat Timpf is a regular on Fox News Channel’s “Gutfeld!” where she provides insightful commentary and engages in humorous discussions on current events. Her prominent role on the show ensures a steady income and significantly contributes to her net worth. In addition to “Gutfeld!”, Kat appears on other Fox News programs, further enhancing her visibility and earnings.

2. Podcasting

Kat hosts “The Kat Timpf Show,” a popular podcast where she interviews guests and shares her perspectives on various topics. The podcast has a strong following and generates revenue through advertisements and sponsorships. The show’s success in the competitive podcasting landscape has solidified Kat’s position as a significant voice in this medium, contributing to her overall income.

3. Writing

Kat is an accomplished writer who has contributed to several prestigious publications, including National Review. Her articles cover various topics, from politics and culture to social issues, all delivered with her trademark humor and insight. Writing provides her additional income through article fees and royalties, highlighting her ability to connect with readers and offer thought-provoking content.

4. Live Performances

As a comedian, Kat Timpf performs stand-up comedy shows across the United States. These live performances showcase her talent and generate significant income through ticket sales and merchandise. Her shows are well-received and often sell out, reflecting her popularity and appeal as a performer.

5. Book Sales

In 2023, Kat published her book “You Can’t Joke About That,” which has been well-received by critics and readers alike. The book’s sales and royalties contribute to her overall earnings. It allows readers to glimpse her humorous and insightful perspective on various issues, further expanding her influence and reach.


Kat Timpf was born in Detroit, Michigan, on October 29, 1988. Raised in a family that valued education and hard work, she developed a keen interest in journalism and media from a young age. Kat’s journey from a curious child in Detroit to a prominent media personality is a testament to her talent, determination, and perseverance.

Early Life

Kat Timpf’s early life in Detroit was marked by her inquisitive nature and academic excellence. She was a bright student who participated in various extracurricular activities, showcasing her diverse interests and talents. Her family’s support was crucial in nurturing her ambitions and dreams. Kat’s supportive and intellectually stimulating upbringing helped lay the foundation for her future success.


Kat Timpf attended Hillsdale College, a private liberal arts college in Michigan. She graduated magna cum laude in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Her education at Hillsdale provided her with a strong foundation in critical thinking, writing, and communication, skills that have been instrumental in her career. The rigorous academic environment at Hillsdale helped hone her analytical abilities and prepared her for the challenges of the media industry.

Personal Life

Kat Timpf is known for being open about her personal life. In 2020, she got engaged to Cameron Friscia, a former military officer and research associate at Coatue Management. The couple married in May 2021. Kat often shares moments from her personal life on social media, including her love for animals and her cat, Cheens. Her transparency and openness about her personal experiences have endeared her to fans and followers, adding a relatable dimension to her public persona.


Kat has a close-knit family and frequently speaks about the positive influence her parents and siblings have had on her life. Their support has been a cornerstone of her success, and she often credits them for their encouragement and belief in her abilities. Her family’s unwavering support has been instrumental in her professional journey, providing a solid foundation that has helped her navigate the ups and downs of her career.


Despite her busy professional life, Kat Timpf maintains a balanced lifestyle. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and engaging in hobbies such as reading and cooking. Kat also advocates mental health awareness and emphasizes the importance of self-care and a healthy work-life balance. Her lifestyle choices reflect her commitment to maintaining a well-rounded and fulfilling life, balancing professional achievements with personal well-being.


Kat Timpf’s career began shortly after she graduated from Hillsdale College. She initially worked as a digital editor for The Washington Times and later as a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio. Her big break came when she joined Fox News Channel, where she quickly became a popular figure due to her unique blend of humour and insightful commentary.

Early Career

In her early career, Kat took on various roles that helped her build a diverse skill set. Her experience as a digital editor and news anchor gave her valuable insights into the media industry and honed her journalistic skills. These early roles shaped her career trajectory and made her a versatile and capable media professional.

Rise to Prominence

Kat’s rise to prominence came with her work on Fox News Channel. Her regular appearances on “Gutfeld!” and other Fox News programs have made her a household name. Her ability to engage audiences with humour and insightful commentary has been a key factor in her success. Kat’s versatility and ability to connect with viewers have set her apart in a competitive industry.


Kat Timpf has achieved considerable success in her career. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Television Success: She became a regular on “Gutfeld!” on Fox News Channel, where she became a beloved figure.
  • Podcasting: Hosting her podcast, “The Kat Timpf Show,” which has a strong following and generates significant income.
  • Writing: Contributing to major publications like National Review, where her articles are widely read and appreciated.
  • Book Publication: Publishing her book “You Can’t Joke About That,” which has been well-received and contributes to her income through sales and royalties.
  • Comedy: Performing stand-up comedy across the United States, showcasing her talent and earning income through ticket sales and merchandise.

Social Media Presence  

Kat Timpf has a strong social media presence, with a large following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She uses these platforms to connect with her audience, share her thoughts on various issues, and provide updates on her career and personal life. Her engaging and often humorous posts have endeared her to many fans, further solidifying her status as a prominent media personality. Kat’s social media presence is a key aspect of her public persona, allowing her to maintain a direct connection with her audience and stay relevant in the fast-paced digital age.


Kat Timpf is a multifaceted personality who has significantly impacted the media industry. Her unique blend of humour and insightful commentary has earned her a loyal following and considerable success. From her television appearances and podcasts to her writing and stand-up comedy, Kat continues to expand her horizons and influence. Her journey from a curious child in Detroit to a prominent media figure is an inspiring story of talent, hard work, and perseverance. Kat’s easy ability to navigate various media platforms and commitment to delivering engaging content makes her a standout figure in contemporary media.


As of 2024, Kat Timpf’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

Kat Timpf is a television personality, reporter, comedian, podcast host, and writer.

Kat Timpf attended Hillsdale College in Michigan, where she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

A: Yes, Kat Timpf is married to Cameron Friscia. The couple got married in 2021.

Kat Timpf’s book “You Can’t Joke About That” discusses various topics with her trademark humor and insight, challenging the boundaries of what can be joked about in today’s society

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