Priscilla Presley Net Worth

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NamePriscilla Presley
Age79 Year
Date of Birth May 24, 1945
Place of BirthBrooklyn Naval Hospital
CountryUnited States
Father’s NameJames Wagner
Mother’s NameAnna Lillian Iversen
Height 1.63 m
Skin ColorWhite
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue Eyes
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameElvis Presley
Net Worth$50 Million

Who is Priscilla Presley?

Priscilla Presley, born Priscilla Ann Wagner on May 24, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, is a distinguished American actress, businesswoman, and author. While she is widely recognized for her marriage to the legendary Elvis Presley, her accomplishments extend far beyond her relationship with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Priscilla has established herself as a successful actress, a shrewd businesswoman, and a dedicated philanthropist. Her journey from a young girl in Germany to a prominent Hollywood figure is inspiring and fascinating.

Priscilla Presley Net Worth

As of 2024, Priscilla Presley’s net worth is around $50 million. This impressive figure results from her diverse career, spanning acting, business ventures, and her connection to Elvis Presley’s estate. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, Priscilla has demonstrated resilience and business acumen, which have enabled her to maintain and grow her wealth over the years.

How Priscilla Presley Makes Money

Priscilla Presley’s financial success is attributed to various income streams, reflecting her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. Here are the primary ways she generates income:

  • Acting: Priscilla has had a successful acting career, with notable roles in the “Naked Gun” film series and the television show “Dallas.” Her performances have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, contributing significantly to her net worth.
  • Business Ventures: Priscilla’s role in managing Elvis Presley Enterprises has been a significant source of income. She played a crucial part in transforming Graceland into one of the top tourist attractions in the United States, demonstrating her business savvy and vision.
  • Book Sales: Priscilla authored the best-selling memoir “Elvis and Me,” which provides an intimate look into her life with Elvis. The book’s success has cemented her place as a successful author and added to her financial portfolio.
  • Royalties: As Elvis Presley’s former wife, Priscilla receives some royalties from his music and merchandise sales. This steady income stream continues to be a significant part of her financial success.


Early Life

Priscilla Ann Wagner’s early life was marked by significant change and adaptation. Her father, James Wagner, was a US Navy pilot who tragically died in a plane crash when Priscilla was just six months old. Her mother, Ann, later married Paul Beaulieu, a Canadian Air Force officer. The family moved frequently due to Paul’s military career, living in various locations across the United States and Europe. This transient lifestyle helped shape Priscilla’s resilience and adaptability, qualities that would serve her well in her future endeavors.


Priscilla attended high school in Wiesbaden, West Germany, where she met Elvis Presley in 1959. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Priscilla and Elvis stayed in touch, and she eventually moved to Memphis to be with him. She completed high school at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School in Memphis. Her education was crucial in preparing her for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Personal Life

Priscilla’s personal life has been a subject of public interest for decades. Her marriage to Elvis Presley in 1967 was widely publicized, and they had one child together, Lisa Marie Presley. The couple divorced in 1973, but Priscilla has always maintained a close relationship with Elvis’s legacy. Over the years, Priscilla has been linked to various high-profile relationships, but she has always kept a degree of privacy around her personal life. Despite the challenges and scrutiny of fame, Priscilla has managed to navigate her personal life with grace and dignity.


Priscilla has one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who has also had a notable career in music and acting. Priscilla is also a grandmother, and Lisa Marie has four children, including the late Benjamin Keough and actress Riley Keough. Family has always been a central aspect of Priscilla’s life, and she remains deeply connected to her children and grandchildren. Her role as a mother and grandmother is one that she cherishes and prioritizes above all else.


Priscilla Presley lives a life of relative luxury, but she is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She supports various charities and is actively involved in animal rights organizations. Despite her wealth, Priscilla is often described as down-to-earth and approachable. Her lifestyle reflects a balance between enjoying the fruits of her labor and giving back to the community. Priscilla’s commitment to philanthropy and her involvement in charitable causes demonstrate her dedication to positively impacting the world.


Priscilla Presley’s career spans several decades, including acting, business, and writing. Her versatility and willingness to explore different fields have contributed to her success.

  • Acting: Priscilla is best known for her role as Jane Spencer in the “Naked Gun” film series. She also starred in the television series “Dallas” from 1983 to 1988. Her performances in these roles showcased her comedic timing and acting skills, earning her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.
  • Business: Priscilla played a crucial role in turning Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home, into one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. She served as the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises until the late 1990s. Her business acumen and vision were instrumental in transforming Graceland into a successful and enduring tribute to Elvis’s legacy.
  • Writing: Priscilla’s book “Elvis and Me” became a bestseller, providing an intimate look into her life with Elvis Presley. The book’s success demonstrated Priscilla’s ability to connect with audiences personally and share her experiences in a compelling and relatable way.


Priscilla Presley has achieved significant milestones throughout her career:

  • Graceland: Under her leadership, Graceland became a top tourist destination. Priscilla’s vision and dedication transformed Elvis’s home into a beloved landmark visited by millions of fans worldwide.
  • Acting Awards: She received critical acclaim for her roles in both film and television. Her performances in the “Naked Gun” series and “Dallas” were particularly well-received, showcasing her versatility and talent as an actress.
  • Business Success: Her involvement in various business ventures has contributed to her net worth. Priscilla’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have enabled her to successfully navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry and achieve lasting success.

Age, Height, and Weight

As of 2024, Priscilla Presley is 79 years old. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 56 kilograms. Priscilla has maintained her health and appearance through diet, exercise, and possibly cosmetic procedures. Her commitment to staying healthy and active is evident in her youthful appearance and energetic demeanour.

Social Media Presence

Priscilla Presley maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. She uses these platforms to connect with fans, share updates about her life, and promote her philanthropic efforts. Her engaging and personal posts have garnered her a significant following, allowing her to continue to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.


Priscilla Presley is a multifaceted personality who has successfully navigated the challenges of fame, personal loss, and business ventures. Her estimated net worth of $50 million is a testament to her resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Priscilla’s journey is inspiring and remarkable, from her early life in a military family to her becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her legacy extends beyond her association with Elvis Presley, reflecting her achievements and contributions in various fields.


Priscilla met Elvis Presley in 1959 while stationed in Germany with the US Army. She was introduced to him at a party

Priscilla Presley’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million

Priscilla is best known for her role in the “Naked Gun” series. She has also appeared in other films and TV shows, including “Dallas.”

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