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Richard Garfield's Net worth
Richard Garfield is an American mathematician, inventor, and game designer. He proposed the idea of collectible card games. He has made many popular games. Being intelligent, he has proved his name in Mathematics and is well-known for his game designing. He has a net worth of $12 million. 

Net Worth of Richard Garfield  

The net worth of Richard Garfield is approximately $ 12 million. The source of his income is his game designing. He designs many popular games. He is an American.

Early Life and Education of Richard Garfield   

Richard Garfield is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. He was born on June 26, 1963. His original name is Richard Channing Garfield. His father was also a well-talented architect, so he lived in many places during his childhood. His family moved to Oregon when he was about 12 years old. His family ancestors invented the paper clip. He was always interested in gaming and puzzles. When he was introduced to Dungeon and Dragons, he discovered this thing interested him. And at a very less age, about he was 13 years old when he got his first game invented. 

He graduated in computational mathematics. And after his graduation completed, he started working at Bell Laboratories. As he was also interested in mathematics, he got a Ph.D. in combinatorial mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania. Later, he served as a mathematics teacher at Whitman college of Walla Walla in Washington.

Career and Profession of Richard Garfield  

Richard Garfield is an American mathematician and game designer. He had been interested in games since childhood but started making games officially after his Ph.D. degree was completed. He created a board game in 1985 and searched for a publisher. A game publishing company approached him but demanded some changes to it. Garfield was asked to design a game that can be inexpensive, user-friendly, portable, and easy to carry. He fulfilled the demands of the publisher within a week and sent it for getting approved. He used his concepts and mixed different thoughts to make things. This may be the best part of him. 

One of her notable achievements was his first trading card game, released in 1993.

He started working as a permanent member of Wizard. He also started creating his expansion packs. He introduced a solid tournament system for the games. He was the play tester of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition (2000). Later on, he left Wizard and started to play games independently. He is focused on video games too.

“Characteristics of games” was delivered by Richard Garfield at the University of Washington. Being intelligent and hard-working, he was awarded many times in his life. In 1999, he was a part of the Adventure gaming hall of Fame.

 Some of his famous games include:

  • Garfield’s RoboRally
  • Vampire 
  • Battle Tech Collectible card game
  • Pecking order
  • Rockville

Family life of Richard Garfield  

 Richard Garfield married Koni Kim on August 25, 2015. They dated for some time and then got married. They don’t have any children.

The social life of Richard Garfield  

Richard Garfield is a multitalented personality. He has a Twitter account @Richard Garfie15. He is not very active on social media.

Facts and Body Measurements 

Richard Garfield is a well-known and talented person. His height is 1.68 meters. He weighs 75 kg. He has a zodiac sign of Cancer. He is 59 years old. His hair color is dark brown, and he has eyes of a light brown shade.

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